The pedagogical proposal involves educational projects focused on bio-construction and holistic living to stimulate young people to work in harmony with nature, being part of a living system of bio-construction and the preservation of natural environments.

The activities proposed during the period stimulate a valorization of manual work, sustainable practices and the contact with the biodiversity of the region. The whole educational program is conveyed in a competent, simple and fun way. The young people would have the opportunity to meet the founder of Tibá, Johan van Lengen, the originator of the concepts and philosophy of this place, as well as get a bit muddy and realize small projects with natural materials like earth and bamboo, soil sciences and the identification and collection of plants.

We offer activities in the following themes:


  • manufacturing of adobe's (clay brick)
  • presentation and practice of construction techniques with earth
  • lightweight construction with bamboo
  • painting with natural paints


  • agroforestry (concept and basic management techniques)
  • PANC garden (classification of plants and their collection)