The dome structures built during encounters with Gernot Minke, and our Bio-Architecture workshops, represent various earth-building techniques. A weaved nest-like bamboo structure serves as the passage interconnecting the sites of the domes.

The yellow dome is inspired by a Temazcal, a traditional mexican sauna. Built with profiled adobe bricks and covered with a special mixture of earth and lime. The heat source of the sauna is a appropriately designed rocket stove.

The small brown dome, is a plastered structure of weaved bamboo. The plaster called “calficite”, is a mixture of fibrous organic materials, lime, earth, and cement.

The big dome, is build with adobe bricks set to give a unique pattern to the interiors surface and creating a special acoustic quality. Covered with a green-roof.


Under construction is also a vault made of adobes, which will be the first of our cabins available for guests wanting to experience a living in dwellings build from natural materials.





The vault, is a self-supporting brick structure, based on the capinary curve. The front wall is build and decorated with a invention of Minke, pressed earth ... The structure is meant as a living area for single person or couple. 

Some of the workshops with Gernot Minke are devoted to vertical gardens and a sustainable green-roof construction. All various forms and solutions to these techniques can be found in the institute.  




The twister tower is over 10 meters tall, made of 24 vertical poles which are connected with bamboo nails or bolts. Reached through an internal staircase one arrives at the 3rd floor bedroom and balcony, living among the palm treetops and a spectacular view of the valley.