The Earth is used as an raw material for construction since more than 9000 years. It allows the creation of economic and sustainable structures, capable of self-regulation of thermal properties and humidity, providing acoustic insulation, filtration of air pollutants and conveys a great sense of well-being.

During the course of two days we will know several techniques of construction with earth. In the practical part we will make a portal with adobes, bamboo enhanced earth walls, earth sausages (Minke's invention for non-structural wall fillings), and application of finer earth-mixture coatings.

With Gernot Minke and a crowd of students, we built several domes, including a traditional Mexican sauna) and a spacious vault. 


Gernot Minke

Gernot Minke is one of the world's most consistent references in sustainable architecture. With a multiplicity of structures built and several books published, his theoretical and practical knowledge covers various construction methods and is well known for the accuracy and consideration of nuances in working with organic materials.