Bamboo is applied as an building material in architecture and civil construction projects, in furniture, eco-design and decorative elements.

The 4-day workshop presents various techniques and structural solutions as well as conveys knowledge about the handling and treatment of bamboo needed to maintain the properties of the material and increase its potential in sustainable ecological projects.


Jörg Stamm

The big figure in the construction of monumental structures with bamboo. Located in Colombia, is part of the movement supporting bamboo use in civil construction. To constructions developed under his supervision belong the Green School and the famous Bamboo Pavillion, both in Bali.

He designs and builds using traditional European methods and typical regional techniques. Provides consultancy for the development of projects and installation of industrial units for bamboo processing, personnel training and product development.

He worked in Europe for many years with traditional carpentry, becoming a master carpenter. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador, but it was in Colombia that he encountered the Guadua bamboo, which definitely changed his trajectory. He became known worldwide for the impressive Guadua bridges, structures up to 52 meters long.

His work experiences have lead him to the rest of the world: Sumatra, Ecuador, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, East Timor, the United States, Germany, Spain, Ethiopia and Madagascar.

Since 2014, he has been working in partnership with Tibá.