Our workshop will be directed by the Colombian architect Jaime Peña (from Arquitetura Mixta), who has many years of experience in research, development of projects and monitoring of bamboo works.

In this course we will cover the potential of bamboo in construction, starting from an experimental approach with the use of bamboo slats, joined or interlaced to form a unique structure. Besides this technique Jaime will share his theoretical and practical knowledge about bamboo, its cutting, treatment and uses in construction.

During the 4 days of workshop we intend to build a `bubble house`, a dome-cabin made of bamboo slats. The project will consist of 3 individual `bubbles` connected with each other be used as living room, bedroom and a bathroom .


Jaime Peña

A Colombian architect, he graduated from the University of San Buenaventura in Cali. Director of main creation in Mixed Architecture, study of bio-architecture with natural materials. Jaime has focused his development as an architect in understanding the proper and harmonious relationship between architecture and the Natural environment where it is applied, seeking sensory stimulation that guides towards an architecture accessible to any economic, social and cultural class. Innovative and adventurous, Jaime created his own style and technique within his architectural works, where the universal geometries are explored, applying concepts like fractals, design patterns, biomimesis and golden proportion, creating a proposal for a "living architecture" in respect of the natural environment.