Earth is used as a raw construction material for more than 9000 years. It allowa the creation of economic and sustainable structures, capable of self-regulating thermal properties and humidity, providing sound insulation, filtering air pollutants and transmitting a great feeling of well being. With Gernot Minke and a crowd of students we build several domes including a traditional mexican sauna) and a spacious vault-housing.

Green roofs are increasingly applied in architecture due to the low environmental impact, the significant advantage of internal temperature control and drainage of rainwater. Minke introduces also vertical gardens, where vegetation is used on facades, having similar benefits to green roofs, but in addition providing strategic shading.

Gernot Minke is one of the world's most coherent references in sustainable architecture. With a multitude of structures and several published books. His theoretical and practical knowledge covers various construction methods and is well known for its precision and consideration of nuacences in working with organic materials.