Topics of the workshop:
• the function of life in the macro-perspective of the planet Earth

• understanding the natural dynamics of the Atlantic Forest

• creating forests: consortium, strata and natural succession

• agroforestry design

• agroforestry management: selective weeding, soil preparation, planting, pruning..

• application of agroforestry techniques and concepts at different scales

More than a sustainable method of soil renewal, agroforestry is an intelligent way of interacting with the natural dynamics in each environment, favoring life and organic resources in the local and macro-organism wich is the planet Earth.

At TIBÁ, we work to transform pastures into productive forests. Currently, the Agroforestry course is the main drive of a productive reforestation of the valley. The process of creating new forests began 30 years ago with the founders of TIBÁ Johan and Rose van Lengen, and went through numerous workshops with the master Ernst Götsch.

In addition to learning about agroforestry, you will have the opportunity to become part of this beautiful story and leave a positive impact on the land of Tibá and planet Earth as a whole.

Yuri Diniz

A young agriculturist who lives in search of a positive energetic balance, so that his passage may be useful for planet Earth as a whole. Inspired by the wisdom of his mentor Ernst Götsch, Yuri is the founder of CARPE - Socio-Environmental Projects, professor of the Sustainability class at Escola Parque and creator of Grupo do Jardim, introducing agroforestry techniques in the urban space!